An introduction to OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads in ArcGIS

Ordnance Survey has recently released a new range of Open Data products. This post will focus on how you can use the OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads datasets. They provide detailed views of the watercourses and road network in Great Britain and are supplied for free as open data. 

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Working with OS MasterMap Water Layer in the ArcGIS Platform

Ordnance Survey have released OS MasterMap Water Network, a new OS MasterMap layer. It provides the flow, centre line geometry and height of all rivers, streams, lakes, lochs and canals across Great Britain. The layer is a structured link/node representation of all connected watercourses including the underground network (inferred based on entry and exit points). This article takes you through loading (Productivity Suite is not required), merging, de-duplicating and creating a geometric water network.
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Esri UK are preparing for the OS AddressBase Schema Changes

The Ordnance Survey have announced schema changes to the AddressBase products. These schema changes will impact Esri UK customers who are using the AddressBase products within the ArcGIS platform. There will be new releases of Esri UK’s Productivity Suite and LocatorHub products to handle data in the new schema. Customers will be required to upgrade to the new versions if they are using this data and want to continue to apply updates.
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New Capabilities added to Esri UK’s Premium Online Content Services

We have recently added capabilities for WMS and offline caching to our premium data services and would appreciate feedback from our customers so that we can ensure that these capabilities meet your requirements. If you are already a customer of our Premium Online Content then you can start using these straight away. If not, free 30 days trials are available for customers who are licenced to use the premium Ordnance Survey data (e.g. under the PSMA).
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OSTN02 supported in ArcGIS desktop

Are you using GPS captured data within ArcGIS desktop?

Ever wanted a more accurate transformation for your GPS captured data when displayed on a BNG basemap?

Making this possible has been a personal challenge for myself and a number of colleagues for sometime as over the past 12 months we have seen an increasing number of customers requesting this capability.

I am happy to announce, after working in collaboration with DGC and Ordnance Survey, Esri UK have released OSTN02 support within ArcGIS desktop.   For those of you not familiar with the intricacies of transformations in the UK, OSTN02 is a very accurate grid based transformation between British National Grid and WGS84 (Lat/Long). It can be used when collecting data from a GPS that is to be stored in a British National Grid feature class or for transforming British National Grid data to WGS84.

Aware that the Defence Geographic Centre (DGC) had previously carried out some work in this area I approached them to see if they were willing to share the transformation with the rest of the GIS user community.  DGC were happy for this to happen and Ordnance Survey have provided quality assurance, ensuring the transformation works as expected.

For those that are interested, the OSTN02 NTv2 transformation file can be downloaded from myEsriUK. You will also find a full set of instructions on how to configure the files at this location.  We have long supported the transformation in ArcPAD and you can download the relevant files for ArcPAD from this location too.

Thanks to DGC and Ordnance Survey for helping to make this happen.  I hope you are able to make use of the new transformation in your work. 

NB: In ArcGIS desktop the OSTN02 NTv2 transformation is called OSGB_1936_To_WGS_1984_7